Zsolnay Café

DiningCity Star – premium menu price from 7,900 HUF! Allergens

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During the event "Restaurant Week" between 7 - 24 March, this restaurant is going to offer its 3-course menus from 7.900 HUF.


Our guests are free to choose from the list of meals and can put together their own 3-course menus:

Available soups/starters:
- Cauliflower cream soup, ginger, capers, and olives
- Bouillon, fried dough filled with meat (2,4,7)
- Home-made roasted duck liver, Hungarian letcho (2,7)
- Gingered beetroot, apple, gorgonzola (7,9,10)
- Smoked herring tartare, avocado, chimichurri (5) (+990 Huf)

Available main courses:
- Roasted baby chicken, lentil salad (2)
- Wild boar tenderloin, artichoke, porcini mashed potato (7)
- Trout fillet, green mussel, citrus bulgur (2,5,7) (+990 Huf)

Available desserts:
- Madrigal (4)
- Hungarian walnut dumplings with Madagascar vanilla mousse (2,4,7)


Food allergies and food intolerance: 1-celery, 2-gluten, 3-crustaceans, 4-eggs, 5-fish, 6-lupin, 7-milk, 8-molluscs, 9-mustard, 10-nuts, 11-peanuts, 12-sesame seeds, 13-soya, 14-sulphur dioxide
Allergen information:
Please note that some of our dishes contain allergens; please ask and we’ll be happy to explain. Please note that beside the allergens other ingredients causing food intolerance may be present in the food.