Gundel Cafe Patisserie Restaurant

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Gundel - the most famous Hungarian cafe patisserie restaurant.

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Gundel Károly út 4.
1146 Budapest

Today's Gundel is back to the original mission of "Gundel is for everyone!"
We believe in and promote the founding idea of Károly Gundel, under the auspices of which we offer our dishes the most famous Gundel classics, surrounded by legendary hospitality! The Gundel menu, its backbone, did not need to be written, it has been ready for 80 years. The dishes are based on the best Gundel tradition, at the heart of which is the "National 11", the eleven iconic Gundel dishes that we all regard as the most important Gundel heritage. Through them, we show visitors from other countries and cultures what we Hungarians like, what we eat, what we consider to be the basis of Hungarian cuisine. Gundel, its Hungarian cuisine and these flavours compete in the international gastronomic arena. Of course, there are many other unmissable dishes in this prestigious selection, the perfection of which is the responsibility of chefs Viktor Moldovan and András Wolf. Hungary's most famous and only Hungarian restaurant is unmissable, the most famous and bucket-list place in Budapest and Hungarian gastronomy! Everything at Gundel is about heritage, which includes the location of the restaurant, the cradle of Hungarian gastronomy for over 130 years. The renewed Gundel is built with the slogan "back to the roots", bringing back the atmosphere of the old days in both the interior and the garden, creating a space that pays homage to the golden age of Gundel, while at the same time offering the opportunity to be open to the widest possible range of guests at any time of the day at any occaison. Visit us and discover Hungary's most famous restaurant.
Experience the legend yourself, in the birthplace of the iconic dishes of Hungarian gastronomy.

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This restaurant holds two DiningCity Stars. The total menu price is HUF 9,900.